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As a service provider there are certain troubleshooting steps that you must take before opening a support case. These include:

​1. ​Verify that the Internet connection is up and working properly at the customer’s site.
2. Verify that the phones are on the correct network (check the IP addresses).
3. ​Check for packet loss or routing issues by running:
​ a. Traceroute to p1.voiphead.com or the PBX your customer is using.
b. ping -q -s 204 -i 0.20 -c 15000 - This will emulate a 5 minute phone call and provide data regarding packet loss, latency and/or jitter.
4. Run a packet capture from the customer’s edge and ensure traffic is flowing out from the phones and back from the PBX.
5. Try to reproduce the issue with the customer by peering up a phone from your location. This is an important step in narrowing down the issue.
6. Review the settings in the portal to ensure the numbers are activated and have call paths available. Double check the call routing to make sure everything is set up properly. Routing to an auto attendant is a good way of accomplishing this.

When opening a case please be sure to provide the following:

* The customer’s context.
​* Call examples (if appropriate).
* The results of the troubleshooting above, i.e., packet captures, command output, etc...

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