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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Cloud Connect Office?

Cloud Connect Office is a Business Professional Hosted IP Phone System. It comes standard with many essential business features which can be customized and utilized without additional costs or fees. Our Hosted Phone System is very flexible and includes unlimited calling, metered minutes and VoIP Bundled Plans. You can also get local phone numbers in any of over 50 countries.

What is a Cloud Connect Lite?
The Cloud Connect Lite product is a hosted telephone number designed for companies, individual or groups that desire the scale and mobility of a virtual extension. The Hosted/Virtual Extension can be forwarded to an auto attendant, voice message, or any home, office and/or mobile device.

Can I keep my existing number(s)?
Certainly. Your numbers will work the same with our Cloud Connect Office service plans. Please note that it may take between 5-10 business days for the number port to occur. Each number ported will have an associated administrative fee.

What is a DID?
A public telephone number. DID is a feature offered by telephone companies for use with their customers' telephone systems. The term DID originated in conventional telephony, where it allowed an individual extension on a telephone system to be reached directly via its own standard outside number. In modern
usage, providers commonly refer to individual numbers provided to their subscribers as DIDs.

What is VoIP and why use it?
Voice over Internet Protocol, (VoIP) is the transmission of voice and video traffic through data networks (the internet). There are many distinct advantages to using VoIP. Perhaps the most notable and advantageous are the inherent cost-savings. Calls made over the Internet are significantly cheaper than landline provider rates. Calls are clear, crisp, and are indistinguishable from landlines. Also, calls can be made from one VoIP extension to another (regardless of geographic location) for free. Voice data traffic is also a very efficient, on average utilizing less than 40% of your total internet bandwidth.

How scalable is your solution?
IP PBX systems (Cloud Connect Office) are famous for their scalability among other things. We offer several systems for all types of business environments and configurations, and all of them are capable of scaling alongside your business as it grows. Proprietary systems require expensive modules to be purchased to add extensions and features. With a Cloud Connect Office phone system, you simply plug in more phones, configure the phone and the system, and your new phone/feature is ready to use! (licensing or maintenance fees no longer required)

Can I make International Calls?
Most certainly! Long Distance and International calls are included and dialing to over 70 countries! Destinations that are not included are also available at affordable rates.

Can I interconnect my offices?
Yes! Our Cloud Connect Office system allows your users to be anywhere in the world. VoIP devices can connect via the internet, and calls can be forwarded to any mobile / landline regular phone.

How easy is it to add extensions/phones?
It is very easy to add extensions or phones. Simple select the country and city where you wish to get a new local phone number, and your new extension will be ready to use!

How easy is Cloud Connect Office to use?
Our Cloud Connect Office phone system uses a web portal interface. Simply connect different objects to achieve any call flow you desire. Your call flow can be as simple or advanced as you


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