For each of the telephone numbers listed herein, I appoint VOIPHEAD, LLC (hereinafter “VOIPHEAD”) to act as my Agent for the purpose of collecting my account information with my current local telephone carrier or provider (hereinafter “Provider”).

By selecting VOIPHEAD to act as my Agent to research my current services with my current Provider of local
telephone service, I am authorizing the change of my local telephone Provider from that/those, which I am currently using to VOIPHEAD. This authorization will expire only written notification only.

LOA Instructions

1. Only one (1) BTN may be associated with each LOA. If you have additional BTN's, you must submit an LOA for each BTN. Please contact your VOIPHEAD representative if you need assistance identifying each BTN.

2. Please provide a copy of the most recent losing carrier invoice for the BTN listed above (Must include ALL pages). The information on this LOA MUST match the attached losing carrier invoice.

3. Please download and fill out the form above and we will fill in the Actual LOA form and send back to your email address.

This information MUST match your current invoice and account information.

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Letter of Agency

Letter of Agency & Customer Service Records Request FORM

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