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General Escalation Procedures

VOIPHEAD is committed to providing the highest quality service and support for our Customers. While preventative measures are in place to help reduce or eliminate issues relating to your VOIPHEAD services, our Support Department is focused on fast and accurate resolution of any support instances you may experience.

These escalation procedures are provided to enable our customers to better understand VOIPHEAD's internal procedures designed to ensure that your support instances are resolved within the shortest possible time frame.

Initial Case Received

When a Customer contacts the VOIPHEAD Support Center (CSC), a CSC specialist gathers the details of the problem and opens a Ticket. An acknowledgment email is then sent to the Customer. If Customer notifies CSC via email (support@voiphead.com), then a Ticket is opened automatically and an acknowledgment email is sent to the Customer. All subsequent replies by Customer must retain the Case identification information included in the email used by our Ticket management system.

Most problems are resolved the within [Two (2) hours]. If the problem is complex or involves additional troubleshooting, the Customer will be notified, and provided an explanation of what action is being taken.

First Level Escalation

 If after [Two (2) hours] of effort the CSC specialist has not resolved the problem to the Customer's satisfaction, an escalation specialist, trained in more complex problem scenarios, begins troubleshooting the problem. At [second hour] mark, the CSC specialist contacts the Customer with a status update.

Second Level Escalation

 If the problem has not been resolved to the Customer's satisfaction after [Three (3) hours], a CSC team leader becomes involved. The CSC team leader evaluates and revises the planned approach in collaboration with the CSC specialists. If required, the CSC team leader also involves and escalates problems to the appropriate level with our [Product Management or Engineering Groups].

Third Level Escalation

 Once a Ticket has been open for [Four (4) hours], the CSC team leader escalates the situation to the Support Manager to ensure management awareness of any serious or ongoing problems.

Fourth Level Escalation

 If a Customer-specific issue continues for more than [Five (5) hours], the details of the incident are escalated to the [VP of Engineering] for VOIPHEAD.

The above Escalation Policy applies to SEVERITY 1 issues only.

For Severity 2 issues (see Ticket Severity Codes and Definitions), the resolution process follows the same Escalation Policy, except notification times are extended to:

  • first level escalation after [4] business hours,

  • second level escalation after [8] business hours,

  • third level escalation after [12] business hours, and

  • fourth level escalation after [16] business hours.

The Escalation Policy is designed to ensure that all parties are notified and updated with current status information from the moment a service problem is discovered. It is this commitment to keeping everyone "In the Loop" that allows VOIPHEAD to work as a team with our Customers, channel partners and suppliers to provide the highest quality service and support

Notice: VOIPHEAD reserves the right to materially change this process, information and criteria at any time, and without notice.

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